What resolution do my pictures need to be?
Most modern digital camera photos easily exceed our minimum recommended dimensions. Just set your camera to 3 megapixels or more.

How old should a child be for Let’s Read About Me books?
Let’s Read About Me books are perfect for children ages 0-6.

As early as the first few weeks of life, babies should be read to regularly. Reading to infants helps them begin building language development skills which is the foundation for all literacy skills. It also fosters a love for reading and talking about books. New parents can have books ready and waiting for their new baby. Choose the “Who Loves” book and include a picture of the people who will be most involved in the baby’s life. Or, pick the “A La Carte” book and design a book with a simple text for each page like “my mommy,” “my puppy,” “my bed,” etc., or just “mommy,” “puppy,” “bed,” etc.
For more information, see Reading Tips for Parents of Babies

When toddlers are around, a household can get pretty active. These little guys are moving around and exploring everything in their world. Reading at this stage is critical to continue language skill development and is a favorite activity for many youngsters. Let’s Read About Me books will make reading together even more special! Parents can read and talk about things that are specifically related to the child’s life, family, friends, and experiences. Select the “Where Is” book to spotlight all the places the toddler is learning about. Or, build a “Favorite Things” book that will encourage conversation about the favorite things in the child’s daily life.
For more information, see Reading Tips for Parents of Toddlers

Pre-School Children
As children begin preparing for more formal education, they will be able to attend to more details within the text. Let’s Read About Me allows parents to build books that not only continue to support developing reading skills but also provide practice with other concepts, such as counting. Parents can build a “Counting” book or other titles that will highlight the child’s life like “Helping.”
For more information, see Reading Tips for Parents of Pre-Schoolers

Let’s Read About Me books are perfect for pre-school and kindergarten teachers too! Use any of the titles or the “A La Carte” book to write about experiences the children have had together. We will be happy to work with you for discount pricing to provide a copy of the book for each child in the class or for small groups of children. We would also love to work with your organization if you are interested in letting us work with you for your next fund raiser!

How long does it take to receive the book once it has been ordered?
Each book is completely customized and we want it to be perfect for your youngster! This will take a little time (usually 3-5 days) to produce. The estimated time for shipping options are listed below:

Standard Shipping: 7-8 business days after order is complete
Priority Shipping: 3-4 business days after order is complete
Express Shipping: 1-2 business days after order is complete

Our goal is to keep you informed through the process. You will get an email when your order is processed and we begin making your book. Another message will be sent when your book is all finished. Once your package is in the shipping phase, you will receive an email with tracking information, keeping you posted on the delivery details.

Along the way, email us at if you have questions about shipping.

What is the return policy?
Quality is very important, so we may ask you to return the merchandise in order to take a closer look at the problem.

Please email us at to let us know about the items you would like to return. We will send a form to complete and return with the merchandise.

If your order was damaged in transit, you may need to hold on to the damaged item for inspection by the shipping carrier. Shipping charges on the original order will be refunded if the entire order is returned, or if the return is necessary due to our error. We are unable to issue refunds for return shipping charges. Please allow two to four weeks once we receive your return for your refund to be processed.

How do I ship books to different addresses within one order?
If you would like to send books to multiple addresses, we need you to place your orders individually. Please follow up with an email to letting us know about the orders and we will be happy to work with you to make a shipping adjustment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship one order to multiple addresses at this time.

Can I order with checks or money orders?
We will be happy to complete your order with a credit card, debit card, or via PayPal. At this time we are not able to accept checks or money orders.

When will my credit card be charged?
Because each book is fully customized, your credit card will be charged upon receiving your order.

I am sending my gift directly to the child. Will an invoice or anything showing the dollar amount spent be included with the gift?
No, the dollar amount spent will not be included with the package. Many of our customers have their gifts sent directly to the recipient. Invoice information is never included on the packing slip, only the items to be included with the order. You may also include a personalized "Gift Message" with the package.

What do customers say about Let's Read About Me?
My daughter has two of Let's Read About Me books, and they are awesome!!!!
-Roy, Texas

...the printing is very high quality and even the smaller, Just My Size Book appears to be very durable. The pictures and words are clean and legible by all, so everyone from your beginning reader to their grandparents should be able to read these great books. In my opinion, books from Let’s Read About Me are printed on top notch paper, contain crisp photos that you provide, and contain stories or words that you want your child to learn because you wrote them. And who cuter to be the characters in your stories but your very own children, right? You can even put an image on the back cover too!
-Jill, California

When Max first saw his books with his picture on it, he kept saying, "That's me Mommy! That's me!" When we read it for the first time, he got so excited to see the pictures, his pictures. We've had the book for less than a week, and Max takes charge when reading it. He points at the pictures and tells us what's he doing. The sentences are short and predictable, and my 3 year old picked up on it, and it makes reading his book so fun for him.
-Jennifer, Washington

...I love Let's Read About Me. You can put in your own pictures and personalize it just for your beginning reader. It's a book just about them. It also doubles as a memory book. And it makes a great gift (with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like it). It's BRILLIANT I tell you.
-Lisa, Utah

Just read my daughter her iBook from Let's read about me she loved it she told me she wants more Bryleygh books and now is walking around saying I love me Mommy loves me Grammy loves me ..... The book is called Who loves Bryleygh? Can't wait to get her hard back book in!
-Cindy, Texas

I have a couple of these Let's Read About Me Books and i LOVEEE them! They are soooo CUTE and Kenzie LOVES seeing herself in the books!! They are ADORABLE!!
-Brittany, Kentucky

Who should order Let’s Read About Me books?
There are so many options!! Here are a couple to consider:

• Anyone for their friend’s children
• Aunts/Uncles for nieces/nephews
• Grandparents for grandchildren
• Grandchildren for grandparents for birthday, Grandparents Day or other holidays
• Children for Mothers/Fathers for Mother’s/Father’s Day
• Perspective parents before baby is born (such as the “Who Loves” book)
• Students for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day
• Children for Sunday School Teacher
• Teams for sports coach
• Children for dance/gymnastics/art teacher
• Parents for their own children ANY time

Can my organization work with Let’s Read About Me for a fundraiser?

How does “Buy a Book – Donate a Book” work?
One of the goals of Let’s Read About Me is for ALL young children to have hours of happy reading. We want to provide books to youngsters who have few or no books in their homes so they will have the same early benefits as the children who have grown up with many literacy experiences. For every book that is purchased, Let’s Read About Me will donate a book. We are working with several organizations to reach children in different parts of the country and for American teachers to use during the summer when they travel to other countries to work with teachers and students who have very few books in their schools and homes. The donated books will be from a special set of titles designed to help young children build their early reading skills. Unfortunately, the books will not be customized, but WILL maintain the same critical attributes for beginning readers and will be produced in the “Just My Size” format using durable, synthetic paper.

What if my pictures are not properly rotated or aligned?
When your pictures are uploaded to our server, they will appear as they do on your computer. If you would like for us to crop or rotate any picture that you have uploaded, pelase contact us.

"A book is a gift you can open again and again."
-Garrison Keillor

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