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Let's Read About Me provides one-of-a kind, high quality books, customized especially for young readers. Parents, teachers, friends can quickly build beautiful, personalized books perfect for young children to enjoy or to give as a gift. A variety of titles are available, making it easy to build a whole library of unique books, giving youngsters hours of reading enjoyment while building a strong literacy foundation. Simply choose the title, upload your own picture, and fill in the blank to complete the line of text on each page. Pictures for the front cover, back cover, copyright page, and dedication page can also be included. Choose from three different book styles including a hard bound book (Memory Book), a smaller, soft cover book (Just My Size Book), and an eBook format.

With more than 25 years of experience in early literacy instruction, the design team is passionate about helping early readers build a strong foundation to support the development of lifelong literacy skills. Our philosophy for reading practice in the preschool years is based on engaging children in authentic reading and writing tasks that will provide the foundation for more sophisticated literacy work as they get older.

For years, we have been preparing reading materials for young children that:
  • are formatted specifically to reinforce early reading behaviors, (see “Why Let’s Read About Me makes the perfect beginning reader?”)
  • helps children build a strong repertoire of high frequency words (words that are most frequently used and repeated in books)
  • are customized for children, making the reading experience highly engaging and personalized
Text designed with these attributes are powerful tools. Using the “Create” page at Let's Read About Me allows you to build a book that addresses all of these reading readiness skills.

Why Let’s Read About Me makes the perfect beginning reader?
Books from Let's Read About Me are formatted, paying attention to critical details to help build strong literacy skills for early readers.

  • Familiar, easy content (about child’s family, friends, pets, experiences)
  • Concepts are supported by personalized, familiar pictures

Themes and Ideas:
  • Very familiar themes and ideas

Language and Literary Features:
  • Repeating language patterns

Sentence Complexity:
  • Short, predictable sentences that are close to oral language

  • Familiar to children and likely to be used in their oral language
  • Word meanings illustrated in customized pictures

  • Mostly one syllable words with very easy and predictable letter/sound relationships
  • Very easy high frequency words that are used over and over in the text

  • Pictures match print very closely
  • Pictures support each page of text

Book and Print Features:
  • Short books with one or two lines of text per page
  • Text printed clearly separated from pictures
  • Text printed in large, easy to read font
  • Ample space between words
  • Consistent placement of print on the page

Highest Quality for Your Young Reader
Every Let's Read About Me book is printed in full color and bound with tender, love, and care using high quality products. If you are not completely happy with the outcome, we will send you another copy or refund your money.

3 Formats to Choose From
Let's Read About Me gives readers three options to best match specific needs.

The “Memory” book is an approximately 8x10, hard bound book printed on high quality paper. The “Memory” format is perfect to give as a gift or for little ones to enjoy reading with big people.

The “Just My Size” book is approximately 4x5 and has a soft cover. It is printed on tear resistant, water resistant paper. This format is easy for little hands to handle, is convenient to pack and go, and is durable to stand up to lots of wear and tear.

The “eBook” version is the same customized text shared via an email link which is viewable using the “eBook” app available on many devices. The link may be sent to as many people as you choose to share it with.

If your organization would like to host the EASIEST FUNDRAISER EVER, Let's Read About Me would love to work with you! Click here to find out more. You may also contact us at fundraiser@letsreadaboutme.com.

"Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him."
-Maya Angelou
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